Zinc & Sulpher Masquer

Skin Type: Mild Acne-Prone | Moderate Acne-Prone | Severe Acne-Prone | Oily | Congested

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This clay suspension does not contain retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, colorants, synthetic fragrance or parabens.


Summary of Benefits: 

• Fast-relief for oily, congested & acne-prone skin

• Zinc blend controls oil, visibly clears imperfections

• Great for ‘spot’ treatments

• Skin looks clearer, acts healthier immediately


Part of the Oil-Free Skin Balancing System and Visibly Clear Precision Skin Care for Acne-Prone Skin.


Skin with visible imperfections will find fast relief from soothing, pore-purifying Zinc oxide and Eucalyptus essential oil, oil-reducing Zinc PCA, shine-reducing Sulphur and astringent Witch Hazel.


This deep cleansing, oil-absorbing masque cools reactive skin as it works in minutes to purify pores, free skin of unwanted oil and surface cells, decongest and begin drying imperfections. Improvement is obvious as soon as the masque is removed. May be used daily as a ‘spot’ treatment for troubled areas, or as an all-over treatment 1-3 times a week. 


This masque is by far one of our best sellers for acne prone skin. It hits every mark for what makes a good acne-fighting skin treatment. If you're struggling with acne, this masque and retinol are two of the best defenses you can buy to help manage your skin. 

Action Ingredients:

Sulphur bioavailable sulphur controls excess oil, reduces shine

Zinc PCA sebum-reducing zinc is combined with a hydrating delivery vehicle for maximum activity

Zinc oxide highly effective mineral complex soothes, purifies, absorbs excess oil and surface cells

Eucalyptus globulus oil cooling, pore-purifying essential oil Bentonite | mineral clay absorbs excess oil and surface cells

Witch hazel (hamamelis) natural astringent and pore refiner; alcohol-free

pH of 8.3


Comes in a 2 oz tub with white plastic lid. 


Home Care: 1-3 times a week, smooth a generous amount of masque over clean, dry skin. Allow to dry (masque should be firm and skin temperature). Rinse well with warm water. 


Acute Acne Flare Up: Apply as directed above nightly for 10-14 days. Follow up with toner and sufficient moisturizer. 


Blemish Spot Treatment: Apply small amount of masque directly over affected pore. Allow masque to dry. Remove with warm water. May be worn overnight. Repeat masque once a day until blemish is gone. May be used for insect bites as well. 

Facial Procedure: Apply masque liberally to treated area prior to extraction process. To speed drying of blemish, apply one drop Rescue Gel to blemished area before applying masque. Allow masque to dry thoroughly (approximately 15 minutes) before removal with moist sponges, towels or other method. Zinc & Sulphur Masque may be applied after steaming.


See our power blending series for more custom recipes for the Zinc and Sulphur Masque. 


Zinc and Sulphur Masque

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  • CONTRAINDICATIONS | Skin sensitivity to sulphur, essential oils or plant extracts is possible. A patch test is advised before recommending to highly allergic individuals. Do not use on broken or barrier-damaged skin or if redness or other signs of irritation occur.

    Ingredients: Water (base), bentonite (absorbent clay), titanium dioxide (absorbent mineral), glycerin (hydrating), zinc oxide (pore purifying mineral), polysorbate 80 (dissolves oil), zinc PCA (hydrating pore purifier), phenoxyethanol (antimicrobial preservative), xanthan gum (thickener), butylene glycol (hydrating), sulfur (controls shine), ethylhexylglycerin (skin conditioner), witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana) extract (astringent), tetrasodium EDTA (mineral chelator), eucalyptus globulus oil (pore purifying essential oil).

    Essential oil of eucalyptus.

    Don't let our fancy scientific names scare you, these ingredients are natural, soothing, and downright delicious to your skin!