Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel

Skin Type: Sensitive | Oily | Normal

MSRP: 4.5 oz $35.75, Your Cost : $29.95

MSRP: 8.5 oz $68.00, Your Cost: $54.95


Benefits Summary:

• Ultra-mild, soap-free, sulfate-free cleansing

• Dissolves makeup

• Cleans deep into pores

• Rinses completely so astringent is not required

• Leaves skin ultra soft, fresh and comfortable (signs that skin’s protective barrier is still intact after cleansing)


Protect skin’s delicate protective barrier as grease and impurities are gently washed away with this crystal-clear, no-soap, low-foaming gel. Unlike sulfates, volatile alcohols, and other harsh cleansing agents that dissolve skin’s upper barrier as they clean (causing skin to feel tight, irritated and sensitive to other products), the plant-derived cleansers in Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Gel are specifically formulated and tested to leave skin feeling beautifully clean and comfortable throughout the cleansing routine.


Active Ingredients:

Sodium lauroyl oat amino acids exceptionally mild foaming cleanser from oats

Sea Whip strongest soothing action of all sea plants

Green tea (camellia oleifera) soothing plant antioxidants calm skin during cleansing process

Panthenol provitamin B5; helps keep skin hydrated and comfortable during cleansing process


Home Care: With fingertips, gently work into dry or moistened skin for several seconds. Rinse well with warm water.

Facial Procedure: May be used on oily to normal sensitive skin during the initial cleansing phase. For best results, it is important for ultra-sensitive skin to use the Ultra-Gentle Sensitive Skin Systemto avoid irritation. 

Available in 4.5 oz frosted bottle or 8.5 oz pump. 

Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel

  • Does not contain fragrance, essential oils, colorants, volatile alcohols, urea, sulfates, acids, strong emulsifiers, lanolins, mineral oils, parabens or other commonly used sensitizers. 


    Caution | This formula has been formulated to meet the needs of truly sensitive skin. However, theoretically some skin may still be unable to use this product. It is recommended that ultra-sensitive users unsure of their skin's sensitivity to perform a patch test on the inner forearm or on the neck area under the ear 24-hours before using this product over the entire face and neck.


    Ingredients: water/eau (base), disodium cocoamphodiacetate (gentle foaming cleanser), acrylates copolymer (thickener agent), sodium lauroyl oat amino acids (gentle foaming cleanser), lauramidopropyl betaine (gentle foaming cleanser), sea whip extract (soothing), camellia oleifera leaf extract (soother), panthenol (humectant), pentylene glycol (hydrating), glycerin (humectant), butylene glycol (hydrating), allantoin (soothing), disodium EDTA (mineral chelator), PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate (mild emulsifier), potassium hydroxide (pH adjuster), phenoxyethanol (antimicrobial preservative), ethylhexylglycerin (skin conditioner).


    Don't let our fancy scientific names scare you, these ingredients are natural, nourishing, and downright delicious to your skin!


    pH 6