Soothe & Defend Hydragel

Skin Type: Mild to severe acne-prone | Oily | Rough, flaking | Red, visibly irritated | Dehydrated Over-processed | Aging due to inflammation | Normal

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This emulsion does not contain synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, lanolin, alcohol, color, parabens or pore-clogging ingredients.


Summary of Benefits: 

• Acts within minutes to clear mild imperfections and correct over-processing

• Smoothes and hydrates for a silky, matte finish

• Reduces signs of aging brought on by inflammation

• Calms visible redness

• Keeps makeup fresh for hours


Part of the Visibly Clear Precision Skin Care for Acne-Prone Skin.


Calming, hydrating, purifying and cooling elements in this lightweight hydragel get control of sensitive, acne-prone skin that’s been over-processed and dehydrated by common acne treatments – including benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, chemical peels, and light and laser therapies Within minutes, signs of over-processing begin to fade. Skin feels comfortable, moist and soft, with a noticeable reduction in fine lines. Within hours, surface imperfections are brought under control and skin takes on a remarkably improved texture. Normal-to-oily complexions showing signs of aging due to sun damage and inflammation will also see remarkable improvement with this highly effective blend of purifying, soothing and hydrating plant extracts and peptides. This lightweight, cremey gel smoothes to a matte finish. Worn overnight, it helps clear problems so skin wakes up comfortably hydrated. During the day, makeup stays fresh while problems are kept under control. 

Action Ingredients:

Lichochalcone powerful skin calming molecule from Chinese licorice. Targets the multiple causes of imperfections to deliver fast-acting results

Sea whip strongest soothing action of all sea-derived calming agents, this patented extract relieves discomfort and calms visible redness in seconds

4-terpineol highly purified molecule of Australian Tea Tree oil. Works to suppress hostile skin flora without irritation or allergies associated with pure Tea Tree oil

Spirea ulmaria dermatologist-tested extract of Meadowsweet, an herb rich in skin-calming and pore-purifying phenolic acid. A natural skin-defense booster

Sepicalm™ patented Water Lily and Peptide complex cools heat-activated skin, reducing a primary factor that leads to redness and blotchiness

MoistureZomes moisture-filled liposomes deliver time-released moisture between skin cells for deep, prolonged hydration

pH of 5.2

Home Care: Apply one small dot each on forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Blend. Follow with sunscreen.

Facial Procedure: At end of facial, after applying complex or finishing gel, massage a small amount of hydragel over the face, throat and upper chest areas. Follow with sunscreen.

Soothe & Defend Hydragel

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  • Ingredients: water/eau (base), pentylene glycol (hydrating), cyclopentasiloxane (evaporative silicone), phenyl trimethicone (softens oxidized sebum), diethylhexyl succinate (hydrating), butylene glycol (hydrating), panthenol (hydrating), sodium palmitoyl proline (Sepicalm™, calming), nymphaea alba flower extract (Sepicalm™, cooling), spiraea ulmaria extract (pore purifying), sea whip extract (soothing), glycyrrhiza inflata root extract (calming), phospholipids (MoistureZome shell), dimethicone (breathable barrier), glycerin (hydrating), sodium hyaluronate (hydrating), polysorbate 20 (mild emulsifier), polyacrylate-13 (thickening agent), ethylhexylglycerin (skin conditioner), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil (pore-purifying 4-terpineol), eucalyptus globulus leaf oil (pore-purifying essential oil), thymus vulgaris (thyme) oil (pore-purifying essential oil), salvia officinalis (sage) oil (pore-purifying essential oil), acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer (emulsion stabilizer), polyisobutene (emollient), potassium hydroxide (pH adjuster), polysorbate 80 (pH adjuster), methylpropanediol (antimicrobial preservative), caprylhydroxamic acid (antimicrobial preservative), sodium benzoate (antimicrobial preservative).

    Essential oils of wild mint, eucalyptus, lemon, orange, petitgrain, lavender and bois de rose

    Don't let our fancy scientific names scare you, these ingredients are natural, soothing, and downright delicious to your skin!