Crystal Magic


Use Crystal Magic® under the eye area and apply eye cream/ gel or concealer on top. This technically advanced formula will boost the effect of your eye cream/ gel and optically soften the fine lines. It’s great on your lips to plump them up in an instant and provides a glossy finish.

Features & Benefits:

  • Optically soften lines around eyes
  • Acts as a delivery system for under-eye creams
  • Mix with a little concealer for a 1-2 punch.
  • Mix with loose Mineral Eyeshadow or Face/ Lip Mineral Blush to make lip colors


Product Description

Home Use: With a small amount applied to your fingertip, gently pat under the eye area. Apply eye cream or gel over Crystal Magic. For lips; apply Crystal Magic first and follow with loose blush or eyeshadow on top to make a lip stain. Apply lipstick, lip gloss or lip polish on top for a creamy effect.

Crystal Magic