Stock Reduction Sale

We are reducing our stock. Each item has been discounted from 15-25%. No discount needed. The amount shown is what is actually left in stock. Sale ends soon. When new stock arrives it is subject to a price increase. That is why we are reducing existing stock to pass on the savings. We are set up in inventory that is shows what/how many has been ordered or in stock. Example if Item shows 3 in stock it may be 0 actually in stock but three are on the way. This way there is less wait time to ship any orders. Thank everyone for a great 2021 and hope we all have fantastic 2022.


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The following is a list items being discontinued. The respective replacement is listed next to each items. Sadly, we announce the following items will be discontinued as soon as inventory is depleted

After a lot of reviews we have shifted totally to PayPal check out. Now you do not need a PayPal account to use this service. Simply click on the PayPal check out under the total on your cart. If you