Power Blending Series: Continuous Moisture Creme

Another, short segment in our power blending series. The Continuous Moisture Creme is an excellent addition to any dry skin routine, and one of out top sellers as well.

What is Power Blending? It is combining the best aspects of our product line to create a customized treatment for your skin in seconds based on what life has in store for you. It can be cheaper and more cost effective to buy customized smaller bottles of high quality ingredients and mix it with a favorite base product instead of buying individual products for every single occasional issue your skin faces. Whether it's occasional break-outs, dry weather at unpredictable times, or frequently traveling, power blends are recipes for successfully keeping your skin balanced and nourished.

Here are a couple useful recipes to give your skin care routine a customized kick with Continuous Moisture Creme:

- For extra lubricity during the 5-9 days skin’s barrier is being rebuilt

Blend: 1-2 pumps Nutriment Blue Oil, Moderate amount of Continuous Moisture Creme

Use this blend whenever extra lubricity is needed.

- For extra moisture during exfoliation:

Blend: ¼ tsp Continuous Moisture Creme, 1 tsp. of The Ultimate Scrub, Crystal Clarity Microdermabrasion Creme or other granular exfoliant

Use as directed for exfoliant procedure. (Do not use on skin that’s sensitive to fragrance or essential oils.)

Whether you're trying to give your skin some moisture and relief during exfoliation, or trying to survive dry winter weather, we hope our products can help keep your skin looking fabulous no matter what life is throwing at you.


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