New Year's Discount and Soon to Come to ASC

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

As the end of the year draws closer, we're offering up a great coupon to kick start any New Year's resolutions you might have.

Orders of $60 or more can take an additional 10% off using the coupon code " ASCNY19 " upon checkout.

Use this to try a new product you've had your eyes on, splurge on a whole set, or simply make a product you use often more affordable.

Coupon code: ASCNY19

Offer will start Dec 24th, 2018 and last through January 14th, 2019.

(This offer can be combined with our offer of free shipping over $85, but the net total with the order must be at least $85 after the coupon code is applied.)

We're hard at work uploading our products, giving you transparent and thorough details on each item we sell, and creating a space that is inviting, simple, and easy to use.

Some projects coming to Aiken Skin Care:

- A skin care needs page, where you can look at comparisons of different products, take quizzes, and help you decide on skin systems right for your needs.

- A skin systems page where you can read about which products fall into different umbrellas of skin care systems that address common needs and concerns in skin care routines.

- More blog posts detailing the many ways to use our skin care products. Our powerblending series is offering customized skin care recipes for our clients.

- We've newly added a "Relax" page. This is something you can display on a TV or computer screen to give a calming, relaxing, and meditative atmosphere. We will update the music and scenery each season and have kicked it off with a Christmas Special. We hope you can use it to find a convenient place to find a corner of calm in your busy day.


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