Holiday Transfer - Flash Coupon Code!

Our Holiday break is almost over! Marlene made the most delicious cookies, and the generosity of the season was everywhere we went. It was good to spend time with friends and family this season, and we appreciate orders being placed during the holidays. We will soon be fulfilling any orders placed on our holiday hiatus. We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season too.

We are in the process of transferring the old site to so don't be alarmed if come January the old site starts to auto-redirect into the new one. This has been a long time coming and we are steadily uploading products and web pages to make your shopping experience here more enjoyable than ever before.

If you're craving a product you don't see on our new site that was usually listed on the old one simply send us an email. While we're hard at work uploading new products each day, we can create a custom invoice on inventory we have but may not have listed quite yet. We are doing all the listings for our skin care lines as they are our most popular selling items, and then we will shift focus to our make up line.

In the process of this migration, there was some confusion about a coupon code email. This coupon code was intended for the old site, celebrating the transfer, but we understand some people tried to use it on the new site. You'll be happy to know we've created it to allow it on both sites, so use "Christ15" for your Christmas coupon to get 15% off between now and January 1st! We still have the ASCNY19 code from the previous blog post in effect until the 14th too. We apologize for any confusion that was caused between this, we hope this makes it right.

Coupon Code: Christ15

15% off your entire order! We did not mark a minimum on this one, so take advantage while you can! Ends January 1st.


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